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Dolores Browne, Architect, of, high profiled as an innovator and well known art entrepreneur started her career by painting murals. Her talents expanded to various aspects of the art industry and she found herself delving into architecture, graphics, innovating luxury contemporary / modern furniture and accessories, and creating and collecting magnificent sculptures and art. Dolores Browne as an innovator and architect made her mark on many Philadelphia restorations, such as The Victory Building and The H.H. Battles Building.  Born in Philadelphia, Dolores Browne received her B.A. at The University of the Arts. Later she attended the Barnes Foundation and Barnes Arboretum and acquired her architectural degree at Drexel University. She is well known for her Calla Lily Trigen Steam Pipe Covers that were sculptures placed throughout Philadelphia in order to hide the atrocities that the steam pipes exuded.  Now she is at an exciting time in her life where Dolores Browne as an architect, has partnered with Allegra Coleman at, and is now following her passion in architecture and design, selling luxury contemporary / modern furniture, accessories and art. Luxury contemporary / modern furniture is just the beginning of  This is the site where innovative creative minds love to explore.










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